The 2019 Audi E-tron going all electric from Ingolstadt, Germany! by Nicholas Kauffmann

So we have tested the Audi E-tron! We decided to take it for our signature roadtrip we have taken several of the cars we have driven here on Mozzafiato! From Stavanger to Byrkjedal, through Gloppedalsura and back to Stavanger via Vikeså in Rogaland. Amazing roads to test all cars and not having to break any speed limits to see what the car has to offer!

“Electric has gone Audi”!

This is how Audi has presented their E-tron full electric SUV!

The Bentley EXP 100 GT Concept! by Nicholas Kauffmann

This is what Bentley has to offer for the future! All electric luxury possible for a few people in the world in the “near” future! Elegance, beauty and extravagance to say the least!

Still if they manage to finally build this car it would be totally insanely cool!

Feast your eyes on this beauty with the official video and photos from Bentley!

The perfect wave @ Petro-Surf! by Nicholas Kauffmann

The Porsche and surfing festival on the island of Sylt, off the coast of north Germany, sent out a signal far across the sea for the second time – and it was heard as far away as New York and Australia. You don’t expect things to be ordinary at Petro-Surf.

Read the entire article by Porsche here: Porsche Newsroom

Photos: Vince Perraud, Ted Gushue & Laura Tiedtke

The 2020 BMW 8 Series; the Gran Coupe, the M8 Competition Coupé & the M8 Competition Convertible! by Nicholas Kauffmann

Feast your eyes on these lovely BMW’s being made as you are reading this article. BMW simply reinvent themselves on and on year after year. We are simply amazed!

Mzzacars will be going to BMW Welt in October and see the cars live and shoot some video and photo of them and all the other lovely BMW’s there.

Dingolfing. Today, no fewer than three new models from the BMW 8 Series family will all go into production at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing: the new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé, the new M8 Competition Coupé (fuel consumption combined: 10.6 – 10.5 l/100 km (26.6 – 26.9 mpg imp); CO2 emissions combined: 242 – 238 g/km*) and the new M8 Competition Convertible (fuel consumption combined: 10.8 – 10.6 l/100 km (26.2 – 26.6 mpg imp); CO2 emissions combined: 246 – 241 g/km*). This brings the total number of luxurious sports coupé variants built at the plant in Lower Bavaria to five, with the sixth family member already on the horizon: The BMW M8 Gran Coupé will also celebrate its world premiere later this year, as the Dingolfing plant expands its position as the BMW brand’s primary plant for luxury cars and continues its product offensive in this segment.

Photo: BMW AG Text: Mzzacars & BMW AG

2019 BMW X5 xDrive 30d by Nicholas Kauffmann

The X5 history:

20 years ago BMW launched the sale of their X5 on the world market! Since then they have produced more than 2,000,000 X5s! It all started in 1999 at BMW's Spartanburg plant in South Carolina, USA!

The testcar:

So we where given the BMW X5 xDrive 30d with M sport fully loaded package! With 21 inch M sport alloy wheels and the car in mineral white metallic. This car is built in Spartanburg in the US and it is USA big both inside and outside.

Still it does not feel too big at all! It drive as easy as Fiat 500 only you sit a lot higher and feel really safe.

Prices in the United States start at $60,700. Prices in Europe start at 65.900,00 €. In Norway the X5 starts at 110.000,00 €


The competition:

By comparison in this segment you can choose from the Mercedes GLE, Porsche Cayenne, Volvo XC90, and the Range Rover and Land Rover. The Mercedes is the only one without an e-powered large SUV(SAV).

The All New X5 gets longer e-range with the new hybrid version - 80 km. The benefit is longer e-range at the price of higher weight. The difference in weight is apx 200 kg from the new e-powered version and the “old” one. If you choose petrol or diesel you loose 500 kg of weight! Also you loose 150 liters of luggage space in the boot. We would choose the diesel versions! 500 kg of weight is significant.

The BMW x-factor:

BMW have always had a stunning way with their sporty design, quality feel and engine sound! This car is no exception. With the largest 21 inch wheels you would think it would be hard to keep the car stable due to the width of the tires compared to the “tracks” in the road. That is not the case. The X5 feels quick and easy to handle. Surprisingly taking the size of this car in to consideration.

Check out the gallery under for the history of all 4 generations starting with our picture of the car we tested just outside Stavanger, Norway.

The verdict:

BMW are on a roll these days. In 2019 they are introducing several new models and more to come in 2020! Yes all other carmakers are doing the same however BMW dare to be different in so many ways! This latest X5 is by far the best X5 ever made in our opinion. It should be as well of course. Still after selling over 2,000,000 cars there is always a risk when trying to repeat the success recipe. Still we love this car. The feel of driving a car where everything has been put together a little tighter than the competition. We have not tested any other luxury SUV/SAV on our site so we have to be open to there might be a tough competitor out there. Naturally it would be something like the Porsche Cayenne or the Mercedes GLE. We will have to wait for that.

The interior:

Stunning interior with ultimate luxury quality in leather and soft touch areas all over the interior space. In addition the car has ambient lighting system all over the place. Even the panoramic sunroof.

2019 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo by Nicholas Kauffmann

The Panamera history:

This year the Panamera celebrates 10 years as a luxury sports sedan! The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo had its world premiere in 2017! It was the first wagon ever made by Porsche.

Porsche has in our opnion made the Panamera to reach passionate Porsche owners not wanting to leave behind their Porsche in the garage and still travel with comfort, space and lots of power to go full sports car mode!

Since 2009 Porsche has sold over 235,000 Porsche Panameras!

The test car:

The model we where given to test, was the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo. This car has a V6 twin-turbo engine combined with an electric engine that gives you 462 HP and All wheel drive.

It does 0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds with the sport chrono package. Top speed is 275 km/h.

Team Mzzacars including son and dad picked the car up from the local Porsche Center in Stavanger, Norway in the afternoon on a Saturday in June.

Day One:

Never having driven the Panamera, we where excited to see what this “wagon” would do for us during our test. We have so far this year tested the 2018 Porsche 911(991) Carrera T and the brand new 2020 911 Carrera 4S.

With the fresh memory of the pure legendary 911 we head for the family version of the Porsche sports car!

Just starting the engine and listening to the great sound of the V6 twin-turbo we understood there is nothing ordinary about this “wagon”. This is a Porsche with 5 doors and 5 seats! It sounds like a Porsche, it looks like a Porsche. So now we wanted to see if it drives like a Porsche should do.

Saturday afternoon we where only able to drive the car around the suburbs of Stavanger and a trip downtown to the city. We parked the car safely in our garage and started making plans for our test drive the following day.

Day Two: Roadtrip to the stunning Norwegian mountains in southern Norway.

Sunday morning we got up and had decided the evening before to pay tribute to the 462 HP begging us to drive the car in conditions where the car could show us what she was good for!

Eating a good breakfast, getting on some nice clothes to fit our stunning Porsche, shorts and t-shirts, we headed for the beautiful mountains of Sirdal, Norway.

Leaving the city limits the car starts showing us what the engineers at Porsche have been working on for many years. As soon as we leave the highway and on the the mountain roads it´s like the Porsche changes it mood.

Behind the wheel of the Panamera with 5 meters length and over 2,000 kg you would think it would feel heavy and unresponsive. The answer is no. It feels light, direct and extremly willing to take you where you going fast and in full control! The All wheel drive system grabs the road like it going to eat the asphalt in the corners on these stunning mountain roads.

There is NO sign of loosing grip what so ever!
— Mzzacars

The PDK transmission is fantastic as well. 8-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung.

Driving in the mountains we chose to set the car in sport-plus mode giving it exactly the little extra you want. This car can be yours in Norway starting at NOK kr. 1,331,900,-. If you live in the US the price start at 106,900,- US dollars. Finally in Germany the price starts at EUR 116,079,-

We have to say we fell in love with this car. Especially since you get both a practical family car and a sports car in one lovely package!

The only sad thing about the test is having to deliver the car back to the fantastic people at Porsche Center Stavanger in Norway!

Stavanger-Gloppedalsura-Stavanger. A must roadtrip for all lovers of driving sports cars!

Stavanger-Gloppedalsura-Stavanger. A must roadtrip for all lovers of driving sports cars!