Roadtrip to Germany: Day One! / by Nicholas Kauffmann

So we arrived in Berlin Thursday the 4th of October! We are looking forward to enjoying each minute in this great country. We had ordered a Mercedes CLA after changing our mind from an A6! When we arrived at the Sixt booth they said they had no CLAs available, but could offer us an Opel Insignia! No offence Opel, but we asked if we could get something more sporty. So we went for a BMW M1! Happy we went to pick up the car and yes it was nice but the rims where really bad! We all agree ugly small rims on a beautiful car can destroy the looks! So back again with a smile and a beautiful german girl in her Octoberfest outfit. So now we where offered the Audi TT spyder! All good lets go for that! Packed the car and just drove 15 meters when myson says: Did yoy see the big scratch on my side of the car??!!! So back again. This time we asked for the BMW M2 Convertible we had seen in the lot! Bingo! Keys in hand and ready for Germany!! Check out some of the cars we saw!! Enjoy!