The Bentley Bentayga in Iceland! / by Nicholas Kauffmann

When exploring Iceland in a fleet of Bentayga V8s, they experienced the luxury SUV’s incredible off-road prowess, fording frozen rivers, climbing ragged rock faces and navigating frozen trails.

The pictures where taken on Bentley’s ‘Extraordinary World’ programme where owners of the cars are provided with the unique opportunity to explore the most spectacular scenery in the luxury of the world’s most ground-breaking cars.

When Jeremy Clarkson spoke on The Grand Tour about the Bentayga it was not fine words, but complaining about its looks. However if you can afford a car like this who cares! The car looks crazy big and strong, but is a definite statement that this is a luxury SUV! Looking at the pictures it even manages to drive off road! Bentley where on a roadtrip in Iceland this winter with a large number of cars for testing av one of there exploring trips they also offer! So lets check some pictures and video from the trip!

All pictures/video are taken by Bentley!