The 2019 Audi E-tron Edition One tested! / by Nicholas Kauffmann

Typical scenery from the stunning mountains in Norway!

Typical scenery from the stunning mountains in Norway!

So we have tested the 2019 Audi E-tron All electric SUV! We decided to take it on our signature roadtrip we have taken several of the cars we have driven here on Mzzacars! From Stavanger to Byrkjedal, through Gloppedalsura and back to Stavanger via Vikeså in Rogaland. Amazing roads to test all cars and not having to break any speed limits to see what the car has to offer!

Audi is the premium car brand within Volkswagen Group. Starting with Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and then the Audi brand at the top. Volkswagen also have Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini!

The Audi feeling is premium from the moment you get inside the Audi dealer getting the E-tron keys, to the interior quality and the sound of closing the doors. When testing a car from any dealer, book the test-drive before getting there by phone or email.

The E-tron is an important car for Audi. So far in Europe and the US the E-tron has sold over 6645 cars (June 2019). The E-tron is the first all electric vehicle from Audi. Several other all electric will have their premiere the next few years from the brand. The more sporty sedan, Audi E-tron GT will start production in 2020.

In Germany the car starts at 80,900 EUR. In USA starting at $ 74,000. In Norway where there are NO taxes or VAT at all the price starts at NOK 662,000. All prices checked July 28th 2019.

The E-tron is a luxury electric sport utility vehicle but practical at the same time. Enough power and possibility to pull up to 1.800 kg. Space is enough and no problems with roof rack, box or even a trailer. The only thing we would like to see better is the range. The official range is 408 KM according to WLTP. If you compare the E-tron to other fully electric cars you have the Tesla X and the upcoming Mercedes EQC. The EQC will have almost identical range, however the X has longer range with the larger batteries at similar pricing. However we know that Tesla has problems with quality. We also know that Mercedes and Audi do not have the same problems and even if they did you get the service you deserve when problems occur.

The car, roadtrip and verdict:

So if you live near roadtrip areas with mountains, this is the natural place to test any car! Leaving the city gives you peace of mind almost immediately. The E-tron is extremely quiet. We are driving with 21" edition one large wheels and still almost no sound from the outside. It drives really nice and with its net weight of 2490 kg this car is heavily placed on the road and grabs to asphalt with the large 21" wheels. To get a more direct feeling we turned of the assistance system maintaining the car in its lane. This to get more direct control over the car. All other systems are very nice but takes time to learn how they work. The Audi virtual cockpit display and the 10,1"
screen infotainment system and a 8,6" screen to control temperature and lots more. Everything inside the car is high gloss. This is really nice when its clean.

The virtual side mirrors take time to get used to. They are really cool, and the car looks more modern with these. However we would not choose them.

The E-tron is perfect for a family of 4 or 5. Enough space, enough range to go to the mountains, the large citys near Stavanger and really fast charging possible.

We give the car a thumbs up and we are looking forward to see the E-tron GT next year.